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It is undeniable that our construction industry is aiming for a sustainable future. Building regulations are becoming stricter, choice of materials and the overall emissions produced by buildings. The change and development is happening now!

  • Buildings currently make up to 40-50% of the national consumption or primary energy, about half of this is from domestic buildings.
  • Buildings in the UK are responsible for emitting well over 5.6m tonnes of CO2, by 2020 a target has been set to reduce thfflois by 30% and by 2050 it will have reduced by 80%.

Some people believe reducing our emissions is too expensive and is hard to achieve. This is wrong. Other countries are well ahead of the United Kingdom, such as Sweden and Germany. Processes like Passivhaus and BREEAM aid in this achievement but aren’t compulsory.

Technologies like Ground/Water/Air source heat pumps, solar panels, photovoltaics, rain water/grey water harvesting, HRVC, green roofs are expensive but all have a reachable payback period. Eventually they save you a lot of money and you’re helping the planet.

One of the easiest solutions is plenty of insulation. A common misunderstanding is extra insulation means extra hot. No this means during a cold season a building will retain heat and during hot seasons will allow the building to cool. Think of a tent on a hot summer’s day and on a cold winter’s night. This is due to no insulation! Not only will you be contributing towards a sustainable future but you can make savings on bill. One case study looked into easily achieved heating bills, going from £1,000+ a year to £90+ a year. Huge saving and you’re helping the environment!

The Team

Has 49 years of experience in the drawing office. Nigel’s experience in the construction industry started with being a tea-boy for Gleesons Civil Engineers near Truro. He then went on to work for Harvey’s making twinnaplate roof Trusses and panelmatic timber frame, and providing a timber frame construction/erection service on site. Nigel was then promoted to the drawing office, he also had a brief spell in the local council planning department, from there he went to work for Frame Homes (SW LTD), after 5 years of their employment he left to start NHB Architectural Services in 1985.

Is our graduate who gained a BA (hons) in Architectural Technology and the Environment from Plymouth University. The degree was focused on sustainability and environmentally friendly procedures. She possesses knowledge of sustainable technologies, construction methods, building analysis and detailing. She is very passionate about designing and helping contribute towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Is our regulations and detail drawing technician. He started working for the GMW partnership as a junior technician working on the new Covent Garden market in London. He was then advised to leave due to the economic depression and went to work in the computing industry. After 9 years he returned to Architecture and worked on a large housing and hotel project. He then moved to Nicholas partnership and was promoted to an associate with responsibility for JD Weatherspoons and Hilton International projects. He was Head hunted by Henter Architects as a director of their company, he worked on many large housing and commercial projects until 2007. After deciding to lead an easier life he moved to Cornwall and worked for CAD Architects then NHB and has been with the company for 7 years.

Is our secretary who has over 18 years of experience within this role. She will gladly help with any enquiries.